TNC Constitution and Regulations

Review of Tauranga Netball Constitution.

The current constitution is based on a very old document. Significant sections (eg name change and delegates’ voting power) have been amended at subsequent AGMs but the base document has remained in its original form and has not been subject to a full review for a long time.

It is apparent that many of the current sections do not actually reflect reality. For example section 13 refers to TNC as having a (non-existent) Patron. 

The Netball NZ website provides a template (Oct 2012) for centres to base their constitution on.  Many of the sections are required legal words (eg indemnity, liquidation) that do not affect the routine operation of the centre. The Oct 2012 template has tidied up the document layout and some of these words.

In 2021 the Board of TNC propose adapting this template to reflect reality while not making any significant changes. The updated version will be made available for consultation and presented for approval at the 2021 AGM.

In addition to this `tidy-up’, if members (or TNC) wish to make significant/meaningful changes to any parts of the constitution they may present a remit for voting on at the 2021 AGM as per constitution Section 21.