LTU & Centre Award Pathway

TNC futureFerns Whistlers and Learn to Umpire Certificate

At the Tauranga Netball Centre our “Umpires Pathway” starts with our futureFerns Whistlers (FFW) and Learn to Umpire (LTU) Certificate Umpires which is where our young umpires normally start their journey by umpiring our Year 5 and 6 competitions games. These umpires are supported and coached to be able to demonstrate and understand a set of basic rules and techniques and when all are shown they are awarded their FFW/LTU Umpire Certificate

NNZ Centre Award

The Centre Award consists of two components.  The first step is passing the Online Player/Umpire Module which the umpire must have an 85% or higher pass rate and is a prerequisite for the practical part of the Centre Award.  The second step is to receive umpire coaching by the Centre Umpire Coaches, then once you are umpiring as per the KPI’s required of a Centre Umpire you will be screened assessed by our Umpire Coaches and Assessors and if successful will receive their NNZ Centre Award qualification and TNC Centre badge.

How do I get my Centre Theory?

Complete the online Learning to Umpire Module on the Netball New Zealand website. This module is the first step towards the NNZ Centre Umpire Award

Learning to Umpire Module

NNZ has a Learning to Umpire Module for New Umpires and Player Umpires which replaces the Netball New Zealand Centre Theory test.

It is recommended to read the 'How to Use Sport Tutor' document prior to registration.

Once you have completed the exam, please email a copy of the certificate to

What is Sport Tutor – Online Learning

Netball NZ online learning is designed for all who are involved in Netball including coaches, umpires, volunteers, and players. Find your favourite Netball modules and resources as well as discover new learning experiences. Explore training in leadership, injury prevention, performance enhancement, coaching tools/tips for all age groups, umpiring and more. Access a range of delivery options including webinars, face to face learning, interactive modules and videos to gain new knowledge or refresh your skill set. Sign up now and keep track of your own learning journey and qualifications.

If you need support of information about logging on please see the information available from NNZ on how to log in and use Sport Tutor for Online Learning Netball NZ Online Learning Help

Umpires who are on the Umpires Pathway and are wanting to be coached for the practical component of the NNZ Centre Award, need to register their details.

Cost for Umpire Pathway Coaching $62

What is included in the cost?

No cost to attend Umpire workshops for TNC Umpire Group members

Receive Umpire Coaching from experienced Umpire Coaches, to develop your skills to meet the KPI’s for the qualification you are working toward, or be re-endorsed for your current qualification which is required every 4 years

Access to the Tauranga Netball Centre facilities, lockers, umpire change rooms, access to the Harbourside Lounge during competitions, kitchen facilities including tea/coffee/milo, food may be available at some competitions

Receive a TNC umpires’ shirt for the Umpire qualification you have or when you have been successfully accessed for your next qualification on the Umpires Pathway

Attend fitness tests at no cost.

Whats Next?

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