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The Community Coach Award (CCA) is for the development coach working with athletes from 12 – 18 years & adults. It includes a set of modules which provide basic knowledge and skills to develop players at the community level. These modules are delivered and facilitated in a practical environment and are designed to help coaches understand the importance of using a player-centred approach.

Online Learning Modules: 

Online learning is a requirement to complete the Community Coach Award. 

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Please contact Paula if you have any questions or queries about CCA workshops

Next CCA 1 Module Workshop Dates:

Costs: $15 per module

Sun 25th Feb  9am – 5.30pm

Player Centred Coaching   

Team Culture                  

Building Better Relationships 

Skill Anaylsis


Sun 10th Mar  9am – 5.30pm

Annual Planning              




Next CCA 2 Module Workshop Dates:

Costs: $25 per module

Dates Coming Soon