Volunteers - are our backbone

Just as our Life and Service Members are the VIP's of the Centre so too are our Volunteers without whom we would not be able to run it as efficiently as we do.  The dedication and loyalty provided to us by our beloved Volunteers is an absolute testament to not only the fantastic people they are but to the history and background they have gathered from the Centre over time.  We greatly appreciate any time that is spent helping us at Tauranga Netball Centre!

These are a few voluntary jobs that we need assistance with in the upcoming season

Lead the Cheer Ambassadors We need all our players, parents and supporters to put their hand up and volunteer a competition day to be a Lead the Cheer Ambassador. Its easy,  you wear a Lead the Cheer vest for the day and promote our Good Sports Attitude by handing out pamphlets and keeping the tournament office aware of any negative situations. This is our focus this year and we need YOU to make an impact!

Future Fern Helpers- We need volunteers of all age groups to assist with the Future Fern Sessions on a Saturday morning. This is a great start the day feel and you can be rostered dependent on your availability

Photographers- We need a volunteer photographer for all our competitions. The volunteer only needs to be avaialble once a month and during Finals. We want to ensure we capture a good part of our season within every competition and have quality photos to upload onto our website. We are able to provide a camera.

Tournament Assist- We need volunteers to help out in the office at our Tournaments. Check out our competitions calendar and let us know if you are available