TNC Umpire Development - Umpire Coaching

Throughout your umpiring journey – grassroots to elite – there will be people along the way to help you develop, improve and provide feedback and mentoring.

At Tauranga Netball Centre we are extremely lucky to have a strongly committed group of Umpire Coaches volunteering their time to coach umpires at all of our competitions.

What do Umpire Coaches do?

Umpire Coaches at Tauranga Netball Centre are at the core of supporting and guiding our umpires. From running workshops to mentoring our new and experienced Umpires, our Umpire Coaches are on their feet, out and about supporting umpires who are on the TNC Umpires Group Development Pathway each week.

At each level of our competitions, you will see our Umpire Coaches on the side of the court supporting and giving guidance to our umpires, so they can develop their skills and have the confidence to blow their whistles and umpire their games.

Umpire Coaches and Assessors are a vital tool for umpires at all levels and are available to assist at Centre, Zone, National and International levels

Umpire Coaches and Duty Umpires or Support Needed

Every year Tauranga Netball has many young aspiring umpires learning to umpire and needing support on game days. Often, they are young kids who have done the LTU workshops and have signed up with a Tauranga Netball Centre team to umpire but are still getting the confidence to call infringements in real-time during the game. 

We also have our awesome parents, coaches or team supporters who have signed up to umpire a team or have jumped on a game to umpire at the last minute but are then not confident to blow the whistle or need help to call infringements as they see them during the game.

Duty Umpires, and Umpire Coaches or Cadets are usually roaming around the courts encouraging umpires who may be struggling to blow the whistle loud and strong, answering any of their questions at breaks and managing any potentially tough sideline situations.

We are looking to invite anyone interested in volunteering their time no matter what experience to help support our umpires in this area.

You do not have to be an expert umpire yourself - just know the basics and we can offer some development for you in the duty umpire or support and umpire coaching space as well.

If you would like to know more about being a Duty Umpire, Umpire Support, Umpire Coach, please email , Maree Body, TNC Umpire Lead -

An Introduction to our TNC Umpire Coaches

Maree Body
Tauranga Netball Centre Umpire Lead

Maree is our very experienced Umpire Lead for the Tauranga Netball Centre, and has a vast knowledge of our umpiring structure, rules and their application, and techniques of the game. She is the point of call for all umpire questions and queries and will direct you on the right pathway of your umpiring journey. Maree is also an Umpire Coach and Assessor, Zone Theory Tutor, LTU workshop facilitator, and a Life Member of the Tauranga Netball Centre

Rose Powrell
Rose Powdrell
NZ Umpire Coach Lead

Rose has extensive years of umpire coaching experience and is our NZ Umpire Coach Lead at Tauranga Netball Centre, who oversees the development of our NZ Theory and NZ Umpires for their NZ Award qualifications and endorsements.  Rose is also a NZ Umpire Coach and Assessor, Umpire Coach Developer, Workshop Facilitator, NZ Theory Tutor and Life Member of the Tauranga Netball Centre. 

Lynne Clay
Lynne Clay
Zone Umpire Coach Lead

Lynne is our Zone Umpire Coach Lead at Tauranga Netball Centre, who oversees the development of our Zone Theory and Zone Umpires for their NNZ Zone Award qualifications and endorsements.  Lynne is also a Zone Umpire Coach and Assessor, TNC Board director,  a Workshop Facilitator and Sevice Award holder at the Tauranga Netball Centre.

Christine Healey
Centre Umpire Coach Lead

Christine (Hobbi) is our Centre Umpire Coach Lead at Tauranga Netball Centre, who oversees the development of our Centre Theory and Centre Umpires for their NNZ Centre Award qualifications and endorsements.  Christine is fondly known as “Hobbi” at our Centre by all and sundry, is also a Centre Umpire Coach and Assessor, Zone Umpire Coach and Assessor, Workshop Facilitator and Life Member of the Tauranga Netball Centre.

Ashleigh Hartigan
FFW/LTU Coach Lead

Ashleigh is our FFW and LTU Umpire Coach at the Tauranga Netball Centre, who oversees the coaching of and supports the many new umpires beginning their umpiring journey for their FFW and LTU Certificates.  Ashleigh, herself is on the umpires pathway, and happy to umpire any level of game in most of our competitions of which she does a few, she knows what its like on the court and loves to give back to our umpires by sharing the insightsshe has on how to become a confident umpire.

Pam Clayton
Pam Clayton
WAIBOP Umpire Lead

Pam is the WaiBOP Zone Umpire Lead whose role encompasses the development of all Umpire Coaches, Umpires, and Centre Umpire Coordinator/Leads in our Zone. She is also a member of the Tauranga Netball Centre, where she is an Umpire Coach Developer, Workshop Facilitator, and NZ Umpire Coach and Assessor, as well as a TNC Board Director

NZ Umpire Coaches

Rose Powdrell

Pam Clayton

Zone Umpire Coaches

Lynne Clay

Nicola Compton

Maree Body

Christine Healey

Lynne Clay

Centre Umpire Coaches

Christine Healey

Annette Friel

Kelly Clarke

Connor Pascoe

Joanie Coles

LTU / FFW Umpire Cadets

Ashleigh Hartigan

Louise Turner

Keni Kingi

Siobhan McFadyen